July 27, 2009

Yay, we did it!!!!!  Thank You Lord!!!!!!!

Today has been awesome.  We were feeling weak, but God is strong.  There were many times today when we truly had to rely on His strength.

By the way, Gospel for Asia’s website is very informative and easy to navigate — check it out at  (And I promise, they aren’t paying me for saying this!) You can choose from a wide variety of specific areas to give to, such as outreach programs to help the Dalit people, funds to support the native missionaries, etc.  The other great thing is that 100% of the money will go to what you specify.  You can donate online with your credit card (but not with someone else’s… just thought I’d throw that in there).  There’s also a Canadian office, so if you’re sending a cheque you can mail it to a Canadian or US address.

I’ll let you know more later… right now I’m getting ready to eat dinner!!!!  How exciting!!!

So what will change in our lives?  We are committing to specific ways of giving more and spending less on ourselves.  We are also going to be a lot more thankful for our meals, and thank God every time we are able to go grocery shopping.  Plus we want to keep praying for the poor overseas and in our own community, and find ways of reaching out to them.

We don’t want to just pig out now that the week is over; that counteracts the whole point.  So we’re going to eat at home and keep it simple.  But we also have a bit of a treat to celebrate — some blueberries and ice cream!

sidenote: If you’re looking for a sustainable way to keep giving, GFA has a program where you can support a native missionary for $30 a month.  Many of you probably already have sponsored children with various organizations, and that’s a great way to go too.

I hope you all have a great evening.  Thank you so much for your time, your heart for God and for the poor, and for encouraging us and inspiring us.  There are hundreds of you out there who have taught us by example what it means to love God and devote yourselves to Him.  We thank the Lord for you.

Praise God.  He is good!


One Response to “DAY 7”

  1. dONNA wILLEMS said

    VANESSA AND bEN, This is so exciting. The greatest challenge to present day Christians. We have becomed accustomed to think that all that God provides us is OURS TO COMSUME AND AND HOLD ONTO TIGHTLY. Could this be why ? ? our faith is so weak? So ingrown? Our finances fall through the holes in our spiritual pockets.
    Our health fails and we spend thousands on trying to be healthy? (Heavy, unsught for thoughts.) We make excuses for our piles of stuff,prized possessions. But, GOD blesses us with abundance and we ‘maybe’ believe, we
    have earned it or worse still we deserve it. gulp! it surely is a test . . . where is our heart? yes it is
    all about the heart. That is where the gripping fingers
    are. You guys have stepped into a rare and beautiful
    sphere of learning God’s greatest lessons. I wonder Why
    does God give such great abundance to some and great
    poverty to others? There must be a definite reason?
    This is so exciting! GO FOR IT. . THEN BE WILLING TO

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