The One Dollar a Day challenge is to live on one dollar a day for a week, and give the rest of your regular income from that week to Gospel for Asia (or the charity of your choice).  The other part of the challenge is to pray for the poor and persecuted during the time you would normally use to prepare and eat dinner/lunch/breakfast.  You can modify the idea to suit your situation; the idea behind it is that while we give to the poor, we feel the sacrifice ourselves and put ourselves in a position of empathy rather than just sympathy.

This idea was the response God put on my heart to the book Revolution in World Missions.  It is, as I mention in the blog, a first step.  My hope with this challenge is that it will be only the beginning of a new perspective and a fresh attitude toward giving.  We want to share in the work that God is doing on this earth, not just call ourselves His followers and then do whatever we feel like doing.  And we want the world to know that following Jesus always includes reaching out in love to the poor and rejected, even putting their needs above our own.

You can do the One Dollar a Day Challenge!  We don’t accept money, so it’s up to you to give it to the charity of your choice.  If you know of a group of people who may want to do this with you, please contact me at and I will send you some promotional materials you can use.


My name is Vanessa, and my husband Ben and I live in British Columbia.  I’m a graphic designer and he’s an electrician, and we like to play music as well.  Our hearts have been impacted with a desire to get rocked out of our comfort zone, to reach out to people around the world who need to hear about God’s love and the freedom that comes through knowing Jesus.

We are writing about this experience to encourage you to walk with us in this journey.  We’d be happy to hear from you about any ideas or experiences that you have with helping people here or overseas.


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